Application: 2022 Bend Fall Festival Bend Family Play Zone Vendor

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  • Entrance to the Bend Fall Festival is free to the public. Once inside, the event offers a wide array of activities, such as the Family Play Zone, with the Harvest Run for kids, local artisans with crafts and gourmet food, talented artists, a Bend Business Showcase, and live music.

    The Bend Family Play Zone offers fun children’s activities all weekend!

    Saturday 11am-6:30pm | Sunday 11am-6pm

    For questions, please contact us at Lay It Out Events, 541-323-0964 or by email

    As a Bend Family Play Zone vendor participating in the Bend Fall Fest with Lay It Out Events, I agree to the following set of conditions outlined in this contract. Non-compliance and/or failure to execute any items, described below, will result in non-refundable termination from participation in all events (both on site and for future events pre-contracted and paid for).